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Bel Porto Special School Market Garden

Country: South Africa

Partners: The Sprightly Seed & Bel Porto Special School

Mission: Funding the construction of a permaculture at Bel Porto Special School 

Project Start: September 2022

This year, together with our local partner „The sprightly seed“ we have been working on a wonderful permalculture project. The project comprises an outdoor classroom as well as a large crop garden for fruits and vegetables directly on the school‘s premise. The garden’s produce will not only add nutritions and vitamins to the childrens diet’s but will, through selling a good part of the crops, generate much needed funds that go directly back into the school and therefor to Bel Portos children.


Within the last months the first milestones have been accomplished: the irrigation has been installed and a brand new nursery has been built. Currently, the team on site is busy working on the outdoor classroom so children will be able to use it next year already. 


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